Things About The Ballistics Center.

Here are a few things about The Ballistics Center.

Use our Make an Offer feature and negotiate a fair price.

This company was started October 2014, in an effort to try and bring the high prices associated with supply in demand we introduced our Make an Offer on every item that is in stock. So you are clear on how we operate, The Ballistics Center LLC is a catalog sales company. This allows us to provide you with some of the lowest prices even before you decide to Make an Offer on something.

If you require a copy of our FFL please contact me and I will answer your request.



I am Jim Lucore, Owner and Manager of TBC. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I will help you if I can. Our phone number 703-380-4901 Between 0830 and 1700 M-F. Email: You may also use our contact form below.




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