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Timney Triggers

We are reintroducing the Timney line of Triggers for our customers. Out of respect for product quality and customer satisfaction we have agreed with Timney that we will not provide any technical answers to their products. Some dealers have misinformed their customers in the past, we are not one of those. Pricing for Timney Triggers is set by them and posted on their website for everyone to see.

We at The Ballistics Center know that you have many options when it comes to making your purchases, but we hope that by us being honest and informative you will do business with us. When ordering a Timney Trigger we ask that you visit their site first and get all your questions answered by their very knowledgeable support staff.

Visit Timney at or follow this link.

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Approaching our 2nd Year!

The Ballistics Center is about to celebrate our second full year in business and as a result we are bring back that which we started with.

During the month of October we will begin adding over 20,000 new products for you to choose from!

More sights, more clothing, more tactical gear, more firearms part and accessories, in fact more of just about everything!

Expect the first batch by October 5, we promise you will not be disappointed!

The Ballistics Center LLC

Oh did we mention that we have a new Credit Card Merchant and are back to selling Firearms, Ammunition and much more.

Visit our totally secure site now!

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Digital Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Scopes

Digital Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Scopes.

Pulsar, APEX and a few others.

Generation 1 and 2 Night Vision are ancient history, we now have the best thing since sliced bread. There is no longer an excuse not to go night hunting with your friends because you lack the right scope.

Imagine for a moment that you are out there hunting Boar and you happen to be alone and sitting in your stand, as you look through your Digital Night Vision Scope you see what is the biggest Boar in record but the perfect shot just does not develop. So how do you brag about the one that got away and prove it? Visit our site and find out.

Pricing and Availability will be published on the 20th, but nothing says you can’t reserve one now.

Visit us now by clicking on this link and take a peek at what is coming on July 20th, these scopes are awesome!

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Firearms Tranfers

We handle any transfers within the Continental United States to include US Territories such as US Virgin Islands, Guam, Hawaii and others as defined by the United States Postal Service. Transfers to these Territories are NOT INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS and DO NOT REQUIRE U.S. CUSTOMS as some FFLs may have you believe!


Contact us directly using the form below!

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More rifles then ever before!

Well not really we have always had a large selection of rifles, only difference this time is we were able to get them loaded properly and we are better able to manage their inventory. HOWEVER since our entire inventory is updated only twice a day there is a slight chance that something may not be in stock when you actually go to order it. Our distributors update their inventory every 2 minutes, with over 23,000 products to update it is impossible to complete that in just 2 minutes, so we voted on twice a day.

Come and see what we have and if you do not find what you are looking for we have a simple answer to that, just ask!

Oh and remember we are the ones that let you name a reasonable price for just about every item we sell, it is called “Make an Offer”.

P.S. Check out our about us page!

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Send your brass to TBC.

The Ballistics Center wants to buy your old spent brass cases. We will take any size over the 22 and 22LR, sorry but it is very difficult to reload that caliber. We will pay you buy the pound for your brass all pistol brass up to the 500 S&W gets $1.25 per pound, All rifle brass gets $1.50 up to $2.00 a pound depending on the overall quality of the brass. Things like squished, flattened, cracks, splits and tears are not wanted. MOST IMPORTANTLY NO LIVE ROUNDS!!!! To begin with safety is a big concern to anyone and shipping live ammunition though legal still requires special labeling. So if you have brass to send us just put them in a box and send them to us, please weigh them before you ship them and include your Postal Receipt as we will reimburse you for the postage. All Brass must be shipped using the United States Postal Service, no FedEx or UPS Brass Shipments will be reimbursed they are to expensive.

So reach way down there and pull out your brass from those pockets and send them to:

The Ballistics Center LLC,

2601 Woodfern Ct,

Woodbridge Va 22192-2007.

Remember include your postal receipt! In most cases we will send your payment out within 24 hours of receiving your brass, and remember BRASS only, no steel, aluminum or plastic.

Thank you,